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"I have now known and worked with Bayside Business Solutions for well over 2 years and can honestly say they are great! They follow through with what they say and their knowledge is second to none when it comes to anything telecoms and broadband related. They are keen to help businesses save money and always have the best interests of their customers at heart! I can happily recommend Bayside to Dorset businesses and anyone who may need their help."

Clifford Johnson, PCs Made Simple

Broadband Solutions

19.5 million and growing! That’s how many home and small business broadband subscribers there were in the UK alone in the last quarter of 2010. This represented an increase of nearly 0.75 million in 12 months! Those startling statistics clearly illustrate the extent to which we as a nation now rely on the Internet not only in our everyday lives but in our businesses too. They provide an indication of how much businesses have come to depend on fast and reliable delivery of the internet’s multimedia content and transmission of data of all kinds. Nowhere is this more true than for the small business.

It’s just as true of Bayside Business Solutions as of any other business so we fully understand this dependency. That’s why we have developed the most effective and secure systems for satisfying the need. Having developed these systems for ourselves it was a natural step to make them available to our customers. We are also very much aware of the budget restraints currently faced by small business and the need to find economical solutions so we’ve done that too.

We appreciate that the rapid rate of developments in this industry often leads to a great deal of confusion surrounding the many different broadband options available. Bayside Business Solutions can help with that too.

Let us cut through this confusion for you to deliver a broadband solution which is right for your business and your budget. Make sure your broadband is really working for you. Call us today for a free survey.


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it is a way of making calls over the Internet. This is an increasingly popular choice for many businesses due to very low call costs.


Due to the volume of business we place with our preferred broadband suppliers our business plans are very competitive. Contact us today for a free review of your service and costs.

Data Transit & Back-Up

These days it's all about data. Every business relies on it, and many businesses have collapsed just because they didn't look after it. Let us manage it for you from transit to remote backup.

Wireless Broadband

Subject to your location you may be able to get superfast wireless broadband. We and our partner company Simply Broadband are leading the way in Dorset. Please ask for details.